DJ Khaled has enlisted Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber for his upcoming album Khaled Khaled. Khaled shared a screenshot of Timberlake, 40, and Bieber, 27, on an unanswered call, along with the message: “I’m so stressed out in a good way mixing and mastering this album I missed the legendary FaceTime of the ICONS @justinbieber and @justintimberlake.”

Khaled added:  “My brothers I’m gonna call you back! I’m mixing BOTH of y’all’s VOCALS! @justinbieber I just got done with the mix a few days ago get ready for mastering! And @justintimberlake I just sent the record we did together off to mix. My brothers I will call you RIGHT BACK! I’m in ALBUM MODE !!!! #99% DONE. KHALED KHALED THE ALBUM COMING.”

Khaled previously collaborated with Bieber and Drake on “Popstar,” which dropped in July 2020, which serves as one of the lead singles on Khaled Khaled.

DJ Khaled’s Next Album To Feature Justin Bieber And Justin Timberlake


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