Pink announced on social media Thursday that a new tour documentary, titled All I Know So Far, is coming to Amazon Prime this May. According to the official synopsis, All I Know So Far “follows Pink as she balances family with life on the road during her Beautiful Trauma tour, leading up to her 2019 show at London’s Wembley Stadium.”

Pink said on social media: “MAY 21st. ALL I KNOW SO FAR. Directed by the one and only Michael Gracey. Starring the cutest kids, made by me. I’m in there, too.” Pink added, “Come jump on the tour bus and see how it really goes. Cause it’s Wembley F***ing Stadium.”

Along with the announcement, she shared the poster for the film, featuring a black and white photo of her sitting in an empty stadium, getting a kiss from her son, Jameson.

Pink Announces Amazon Documentary ‘All I Know So Far’


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