Teen Vogue’s new editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond has apologized to employees after 20 staffers publicly slammed her over resurfaced tweets she posted back in 2011 mocking Asians and homosexuals. The 27-year-old’s old tweets emerged over the weekend after the former Axios political reporter was named as Teen Vogue’s new editor in chief on Friday. About 20 Teen Vogue staffers then penned a letter to parent company Conde Naste slamming McCammond’s ‘past racist and homophobic tweets’.

McCammond apologized to her staff in an email for what she said were ‘offensive, idiotic tweets’. ‘You’ve seen some offensive, idiotic tweets from when I was a teenager that perpetuated harmful and racist stereotypes about Asian Americans,’ she wrote. ‘There’s no excuse for language like that. I apologize deeply to all of you for the pain this has caused.’  

McCammond was embroiled in a scandal involving her boyfriend TJ Ducklo just weeks ago. Ducklo, who worked as President Biden’s deputy press secretary, was forced to resign from the White House for threatening a Politico journalist who wanted to report on McCammond and Ducklo’s secret relationship. 

Teen Vogue’s new editor apologizes over racist tweets amid staff concerns

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